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the bergreen blog

The Bergreen Blog is about love, adventure, and building a passionate life. However, in the end, the Bergreen Blog is about photography. When words aren't enough we want to be able to take you there.

We learned a few things when we met and starting building a life together… Love is powerful, specifically the way our loved ones help us grow. There’s something about hard work, but hard work on something you’re passionate about. And getting outside, breathing fresh mountain air, and pushing your body helps keep the rest of life in perspective. The Bergreen Blog is about all of that. Weddings: but not just planning for one day, planning for a life together. Adventures: the memories we make and the lessons we learn. Building a life: finding balance, living the dream, and staying motivated when loving your job is still work!

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the bergreens

We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen: husband and wife, adventure partners, engineers turned entrepreneurs, and professional photographers excited to share what inspires and drives us.

we believe in love.

we seek adventure.

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