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When we first met, Marc loved landscape photography. It was a way for him to share his experiences with others and tell stories of his adventures upon his return. As we continued adventuring together we began shooting photos together, often of one another experiencing the trip. Our photography style grew to include a focus people in nature and capturing adventurous couples. Adding a human to a landscape brings scale and emotion to the photo.

The outdoor lifestyle is one that focuses on the experience, a way of life built around being in nature. Presently there is a culture that comes with the outdoor lifestyle and it often affects the clothes you wear and the products you buy. Similarly the mountain lifestyle is perhaps an even more specific example of this as it might mean things like keeping a tow rope in your truck for those powder days that you have to pull your friends out of the snow bank to go skiing before work.

Consequently our pursuit of adventure photography grew out of our love for adventure, our passion for photography, and a desire to combine the two. We love sharing that passion with other adventurous couples.

Enjoy some of our favorite and most popular posts:

recent adventures

Yosemite Trip Report - Climbing the Salathe Wall

For those of you who regularly read our blog you know it is often Brenda doing the writing. Today we switch things up a bit and share a trip report of climbing on the Salathe Wall in Yosemite written by Marc. About every year for the past several years I’ve tried to get up El Cap. …Read More »

Lost Coast and Redwoods National Park | Northern California Adventure

One of the highlights of our summer was our road trip in northern California. We had a few amazing northern California weddings to shoot so we decided to take it on the road and enjoy a few places we had been wanting to explore. It also happened that we had sold our house in California …Read More »

love adventurously camping trip | life update

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, where does the time go and how is it almost November? If you’ve been following along with us on the blog or social media you may have noticed that there’s been a lot going on in our world. We’ve been in the process of moving for quite a …Read More »

Southwest Road Trip Par 4 - Great Sand Dunes National Park

We’re big fans of sand dunes so it should not come as a shock that Great Sand Dunes National Park would be on our list. I had been there before as a kid back when I lived in Colorado, back when I didn’t know what it was like to be able to go to the …Read More »

Southwest Road Trip Part 3 - Tent Rocks, Bandelier, and Santa Fe

We got a little behind on blogging our adventures. I guess that’s what happens  when wedding season kicks off and we’re working in two states! As we’re currently on a road trip in Northern California and getting excited to share pictures from the Pacific Coast, I figured we had better finish telling you about the …Read More »

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