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Falling in love, for us, was more than an addition problem. In other words, meeting each other entirely changed the equation. Once we got married and started having to take into account another person when planning the future, that future changed. Now, here we are getting ready to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary and our fifth year as business owners and Colorado mountain wedding photographers. Ultimately we are grateful for the time we get to spend with adventurous couples and for the impact their stories have on our lives. If you’re in love or know someone who is, please visit our wedding website for more on Bergreen weddings.

We believe love is an adventure… and your wedding should be too!

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adventure wedding phootographersadventure weddings

What is an adventure wedding? In some ways, it’s whatever you want it to be. For some of our clients it’s a standard wedding with an adventurous twist while for others it’s an off-the-grid elopement. For some, it’s rock-climbing to a summit ceremony while for others it’s rock-climber cake toppers. Essentially, adventure weddings focus on the experience, the beauty of the place, and not worrying about things like getting the dress dirty. If that sounds like you, be sure to contact us about your wedding or elopement.

Below are some examples of adventurous weddings and engagements:

mountain wedding photographermountain wedding photography

Mountain weddings can be breathtaking, both because of the beauty of the mountains and due to that whole altitude thing. Getting married in the mountains isn’t for everyone but for some of us there is no fresher air to breath or view to have while holding hands with the one we love. That being said, the mountains have their own challenges which is where we come in. As California and Colorado mountain wedding photographers, we’re here to help with timing, planning, and setting the stage for bringing your vision to reality.

Below are some examples of mountain weddings:

Winter-Montain-Weddingplanning your wedding

As wedding photographers we’ve seen couples strive to make their wedding day perfect in a variety of ways. For many, it means focusing on the experience and being intentional about wedding planning. Planning with purpose means that the venue, the details, and the decorations are the setting for your story and the story of the wedding day is a reflection of who you are. If hiking is a big part of your lives then maybe the wedding theme extends beyond details and you actually go for a hike.

Below are some of our best Wedding Photography tips:

colorado family portraitsplanning for the marriage ahead

Don’t stop dreaming! Even if you’re already married we encourage continual dreaming and planning. Every couple we meet teaches us something new about love. It’s those experiences that remind us not to remain still. We set business goals and personal goals so why not relationship goals? What does the life you want to build look like, what are your priorities, and how do you find compromise? How can we encourage and support our spouse?

Below are a few ways to continuing to Love. Adventurously. even after the wedding:

favorite outdoor wedding locations 

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recent weddings

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Carla and Sue's Adventurous Breckenridge Elopement | Breckenridge Wedding Photography

We are pretty excited to share this Breckenridge wedding photography with you, this photoshoot is one that is extra special since the couple in question is extremely important to us. Don’t get me wrong, all the couples we work with are important to us. In this case, however, Carla and Sue are family, they have been …Read More »

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Kirsten and Kurt were dreaming of a white wedding and looking forward to a snowy destination for their big day in Colorado this past weekend. I’m proud to say that Estes Park delivered! We grew more excited as the date approached and we saw that snowflakes were predicted for this couples Marys Lake Lodge winter wedding. …Read More »

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