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We are the Bergreens: Marc and Brenda, husband and wife, adventure partners, engineers turned entrepreneurs, and professional photographers excited to share what inspires and drives us. We met on an ice-climbing trip to the eastern Sierras where we quickly learned that we make a great team both on and off the mountain. We specialize in Rocky Mountain wedding photography and adventurous weddings www.bergreenphotography.com and the outdoor lifestyle www.thebergreens.com.

how we met

Import-61“It all started on an ice-climbing trip to the east side of the Sierras. The day started like any other Saturday with friends like mine. I woke up in a tent sandwiched between two not-so-girly girls, attempted to thaw my frozen contact solution, and bundled up for another adventure. It was my first time ice-climbing and let’s just say that my technique was all wrong. I may or may not have cried and vowed to never go ice-climbing again. Of course, that was a lie, though I didn’t know it at the time. And that’s where I met Marc Bergreen.”

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After that weekend, it took awhile for Marc to ask me out on a date. He figured that since we were working together it wasn’t a good idea. Little did he know what our future held! We were both studying engineering during the week and heading out on adventures every weekend. Our friends were either terrible influences (distracting us from our studies) or great at teaching us what our priorities should be. After an engineering internship in Seattle, a backpacking trip along the West Coast Trail, and a visit to Mt. Rainier, I decided to move to the Pacific Northwest. Marc graduated a year later and soon we were both engineers in Seattle, engaged to be married, and trying to still fit in adventures whenever we could. The winter was hard on us as we would head off through traffic in opposite directions driving to work in the dark and driving back home in the dark. Unless we happened to have lunch outside, and it wasn’t raining, our days often passed by without us seeing the sun. Weekend plans would fall apart when rain made mountains inaccessible. Our time together dwindled as work became our new number one. The adventures we loved, and that led us to fall in love, were steadily growing out of reach. I had a stable engineering job and was earning a steady income, but I wasn’t happy. Some people told me to change my attitude, others welcomed me to the real world, and a few close friends asked me what I was going to do about it. I remember looking ahead at what my future held if I stayed on the same path. I wanted to quit, to do something else, do go in a completely different direction. I agonized over the decision eventually realizing that despite the societal definition of success, expectations imposed on me by everyone including myself, and the years dedicated to my chosen career, I still had a choice. While others in the same position might have chosen a different path, rewarded with a financial stability that I will never know, I had to do something about it. Fortunately, Marc agreed because he knew exactly how I felt. We believed that we could design our lifestyle around the things we were passionate about.

We didn’t want to have one last adventure; we wanted our life and our love to be an adventure.

Those beliefs sprung from our experiences with both yoga and nature. Whether or not we needed to quit our jobs to do it is debatable!

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Brenda Bergreen, RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) works as a photographer and yoga teacher. A graduate of California Polytechnic State University with a BS is Architechtural Engineering and a minor in Communication Studies, Brenda started her career as an artist, teacher, and entrepreneur after leaving engineering in 2011. Brenda built Bergreen Photography with her husband and co-photographer Marc Bergreen. When not traveling and adventuring for her photography projects, Brenda teaches 4-10 yoga classes per week. View her class schedule and yoga photography at www.truenaturetribe.com. Brenda’s photos have been published in Backpacker Magazine, Mantra Magazine, Elite Wedding Magazine, and on numerous wedding blogs. Brenda writes the Bergreen Blog sharing stories of her travels and the inspirational people she works with.

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Marc Bergreen, is an outdoor lifestyle photographer, drawing inspiration from his own accomplishments as a rock-climber and backpacker. Captivated by the dramatic landscapes of the Sierras as a boy, Marc first picked up a camera to share his experiences from deep in the mountains. Through his photos, he seeks to inspire others to pursue adventure and explore their own backyards. His photos have been published in Backpacker Magazine (including two covers), Elite Wedding Magazine, and on numerous wedding blogs. Marc guided outdoor adventure trips at his alma mater, California Polytechnic State University while earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering.